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NT855 series 350HP Marine Cummins Engine

Information NT855 series 350HP Marine Cummins Engine


Engine Model:NT855-M(350HP CUMMINS Engine)
Use:Commercial propulsion
Fuel system:PT
Fining order:1-5-3-6-2-4
Fuel system:
Fuel consumption:
Approximate Fuel Flow to Pump:
Fuel Rail Pressure Range:
Air system:
Intake manifold pressure:mm Hg(in.Hg) 940(37)
Intake Air Flow:litre/sec(CFM)380(800)
Heat rejection to Ambient:KW(BTU/min)33(1900)
Minium Ambient Temperature for cold start(No Aids):℃(℉) 0(32)
Exhaust system:
Exhaust Gas Flow(after turbine):litre/sec(CFM) 880(1850)
Exhaust Gas Temperature(after turbine):℃(℉) 427(800)
Cooling system:
Heat rejection to Engine Coolant:kw(BTU/min) 220(12500)
Engine water flow:litre/min(GPM) 427(113)
Raw water flow:litre/min(GPM) 234(62)
Pressure Cap Rating w/Heat Exchanger:kPa(PSI) 103(15)
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