Was established in 1979, contribute to Indonesian economy through the distribution of diesel engines, parts and materials that support the marine, agricultural and industrial sectors. ♦ Indonesia comprises of thousands of islands which then become one of the world’s largest island country. Fishery and sea transport are both inevitably important. Therefore MARINE is a huge sector to cover. We would like to offer our outmost services providing relatively better products, price and ranges. ♦ As a tropical country, one of Indonesia’s main economic sector is AGRICULTURE. Indonesia agriculture commodities been providing income to large number of local households. Today land become scarce however with technology advancement we expect to bring efficiency to work routines, improving production and quality products. ♦ Another important pillar for Indonesia economy is INDUSTRIAL sector. There have been ups and downs for this sector however it remains stable today. Both mining and manufacturing start to show a positive outcome drawing investors back to the field. We strive to meet customers demand in diesel/solar engine power, pumps and such for business needs. ♦ At PT. Semeru Teknik, your trust is our priority that has encouraged us to be more committed to customer satisfaction. We are authorized distributors of well-known brands such as JIANGDONG, SHANHAI, SPECTEK, YAMADA and YUCHAI.

Why choose PT. Semeru Teknik ?

Genuine & guaranteed machinery and parts

We offer customers not only the choice of high-quality products, but also original products and extended warranty for instruments and components to various sectors including industry, agriculture, marine, mining and forestry.

Special & technical solutions

Our workflow has been designed with a deep understanding of the client's business operations. We can serve you from your initial request to our best maintenance services by offering accurate and precise solutions, and prioritizing your needs.

Trusted partner

When providing a variety of products, it requires a strong network of relationships with reliable companies throughout the world. To ensure broad coverage of all of our customers' needs, we work with several well-known brands to guarantee cost-effective and fast supply.

Overall control

We understand the importance of optimal supply for your business. We ensure that every request is processed through our well-established and efficient workflow by full control of quality, on-time delivery and minimizing the loss of our customers.

Experienced in engineering

Semeru Teknik has been serving engineering needs since 1979, making us experienced and reliable to assist clients in engineering for a variety of industries. With a variety of superior technical products, we hope to provide benefits for your business.

Expert staff and proffesional

Our experienced staff are ready to help you provide the best opinions and solutions for all your technical needs.