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Intelligent Auto Pilot System SAS-70 + SM-975

Samyung Marine Navigation & Communication Intelligent Auto Pilot System

SAS-70 + SM-975


Information Intelligent Auto Pilot System SAS-70 + SM-975


Features :

- High contrast 5.6 colour TFT LCD

- NMEA 2000 interface / multi talker-multi listener

- Various navigation data displays in one screen and it improves the concentrations of auto steering

- Wide range of applications is easily available by data line sharing(water depth/temperature/vessel speed,fuel gage, wind direction/speed unit and so on)

- Simply to connect existing auto pilot system

- Available on auto navigation interfacing with GPS Plotter

Display 5.6" color TFT LCD
Power +24VDC
Power Cumsumption Max. within 85W
Heading Angle Resolution 0.5' (Electronic Compass)
Direction setting resolution 1'
Temperature -15'C ~ + 55' C
SAS-70 SM-975
Display unit (SAS-70) Electronic lever (SM-975)
Control unit (SAS-70C) Wire remote (RC-30)

Remote connecting unit (SAS-70A)


Electronic compass (ES-95)


Angle sensor


Solenoid (SV-20L)


Wire remote controller (RC-10A)

Angle Indicator (FM-80B)


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