Samyung SE-3000


State-of-the-art navigation supporting system displaying the chart information identical with that in the paper charts in a selective manner and providing realtime integrated navigation information to set up the optimum route and ultimately to serve to prevent probable maritime accidents e.g. collision, grounding, etc.

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Menus on duel languages (English, Korean/servicable to other languages on demand)(incl. the Manual)

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Global A/S network

Intensified runction
- RADAR display overlay
- AIS information display
- NAVTEX and Weather FAX function
- Powerful report printing function(Route Planning, Chart)
- Multi-user interface on LAN configuration
- ECDIS, RADAR, Conning inter-switching function
- Automatic optimum route planning(economical voyage)


ENC(S-57), RNC(ARCS), TX-90
RADAR Display, ARPA overlay
AIS information display(display identified and unidentified symbols)

Integrated navigation system
Integrated display and monitoring of (D)GPS, Gyro Compass, RADAR, Speed Log, NAVTEX, Weather Information

Route Plann
Planning of waypoints and alternate route Specifying prohibited area and safety contour

Route Monitoring
Constant and realtime monitoring of ship's positioning
Target plotting and monitoring

Automatic Voyage Recording
Realtime automatic route recording

Alarms and lndications
Automatic alarms and indications of off-track from the planned route or other dangers

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