Yuchai YC6M-YCMK Series

Marine Diesel Engines

Model YC6M220C, YC6M240C, YC6M260C, YC6M270C, YC6M295C, YC6M280C, YC6M300C, YC6M320C, YC6MK280C, YC6MK320C, YC6MK330C

More details

Model YC6M220C YC6M240C YC6M240C YC6M260C YC6M270C YC6M295C
Type   Vertical, in-line, water-cooled, 4-stroke     

Number of cylinders X Bore X stroke (mm)

6 x 120 x 145

Intake way

Turbo-cahrging Turbo-charging & inter-cooling
Combustion chamber type Direct-injection
Displacement (L) 9.84
Compression ratio 17.5:1
Continous power/speed (kW/r/min) 162(220)/1800 176(240)/1800 176(240)/1500 192(260)/1500 199(270)/1800 216(295)/1800
One-hour power/speed (kW/rmin) 178(242)/1858 194(264)/1858 194(264)/1548 211(5286)/1548 219(297)/1858 238(325)/1858
Min. specific fuel comsumption (g/kW . h) <189
Specific oil comsumption (g/kW . h) <0.5
Crankshaff rotation direction (seen from power output end) Counterclockwise (seen from power output end)
Overall Dimensions (L x W x H)(mm) 1652 x 939 x 1262
Net weigth (kg/lbs) 1200
Reduction gearbox to be matched MB242, MB270, 300 etc.
Certificate ZC, ZY, CCS

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