Samyung STR - 6000 D

Samyung Marine DSC/VHF Radio Telephone

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Features :

- Includes all chanels specified in ITU - RR (NOAA Weather channel)

- DUAL/TRIAL WATCH fuction and TAG SCAN fuction built-in

- 20 MMSI number in 3 groups - MMSI number save, edition and call function.

- Transmission of one's position and distress message through GPS connection in any emergent case

- big display of channels and 4-line indicaion of function on big screen

- Priority selection of Ch.16 and adoption of noise free mic

- Built-in special speaker with high volume

- Direct input of frequency by user

- compact & light design for any-where installation.

General Model STR-6000D
TX frequency 156.025 ~ 157.425 MHz
RX frequency 156.050 ~ 163.275 MHz
Communication Mode Simplex and semi-duplex
Channel number 178 channels (ITU 55, USA 53, CAN 60, WEA 10)
Type of emission FM (16KoG3E), DSC  (16K0G2B)
Freq. Stability ± 10 ppm (-20ºc ~ +60ºc)
Antenna impedance 50 Ω
Consumed Currency (13.6V) TX high 6A max  Max. Audio 1.5 max
Power supply DC 24V (DC 18 ~ 31.2V)
Transmitter unit Antenna output HIGH/25 W, LOW/1 W
Starting mode Synthesizer mode
Modulation mode Variable Reactance Frequency Modulation
Occupancy Band width Within : 16 KHz
Max. Freq. Deviation ± 5 KHz
Spurious Emission over 70dB
MIC input impedance 2 kΩ
Receiver Unit Receiving Mode Double Conversation Super Heterodyne
Receiving Sensitivity 0.32 μV (20dB SINAD), 0.22 μV (12 dB SINAD)
Squelch Sensitivity Less than 0.22 μV
Spurious emission Less than - 70dB
Residual Noise Level Less than -40dB
Audio Distortion Rate Less than 10%(m=3, 300Hz, 500Hz, 1KHz)
Audio Output 4.5 W / 4Ω
DSC Unit Receiving freq. 156.525 MHz
Radio wave mode G2B
DSC Modulation Speed 1200baud(whitin m=2 ±30x10 freq)
DSC Modulation mode FSK
DSC Modulation Quotient Within m=2 ±10%
Adjacent Channel select Less than 10‾ ² Bit error rate
Spurious response Less than 10‾ ² Bit error rate
inter-Modulation Response Less than 10‾ ² Bit error rate
Dynamic range Less than 10‾ ² Bit error rate

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