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Lubrication Oil Purifier machine is a high vacuum machine with dehydration plant, degasification system, and three high-precision filters, which can remove water, impurities, gas thoroughly and quickly from all kinds of waste cooking and high viscosity oil, including mineral oil and lubrication oil and hydraulic oil and bunker oil.
◆ Effectively remove the iron, flake, dust, impurities, water and organic substance from the waste oil by heating the oil. Moreover, it can eliminate organic and inorganic acid to recover the performance of oil.
◆ This machine is high vacuum plant for ensure remove the water thoroughly.
◆ Strong demulsifying capability, which could easy to separate the massive moisture contents, also easy to get rid of the little tiny water from oil.
◆ Adopt high precision and stainless steel FH rectangle filtration system that import from Japan, the precision of filter can reach up to 1 micron.
◆ The decolorization plant utilize macromolecule material, which can reduce 1 or 2 color code of oil.

Guarantees & Documentation:
TONGRUI Warrant the plant supplied under this specification against defects in material and workmanship under normal use and service for a period of sixteen (16) months from date of shipment or twelve (12) months after the start up of the system.

We will supply Two(2) copies of operating & maintenance manuals

Working principle
When the oil purification starts, firstly contaminated oil enter into heater, secondly flowed into pre-filter under the difference pressure, in which the large impurities are removed. Thirdly oil goes into intermediate filter. Fourthly oil flow into water separator, the water separator adopts a special skill which changes the change the impaction of oil and water
to speed up trace water and coagulate big water which is separated from oil and stored in water content. After that, oil passes through the fine filter and fine particles of matters is
removed during the process. finally oil flows into vacuum pump which use stereo-evaporation removing residual trace of water and steam is condensed in the condenser or expelled out by the vacuum system. the oil was transported out by oil pump. The purification process has finished.

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