Samyung NAVIS 800S/800FS

8inch Color GPS Plotter+Fishfinder

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Adoption of 8”TFT LCD color display enables better resolution.

WGS-84 geodetic system automatically enables all the geodetic lines to automatically convert.

Smooth conversion to other displays prevents the map from disappearing while ZOOM IN/OUT.

2(two) slots for C-Map NT cartridges are available for ocean going vessels.

Smooth control of course-up, head-up, north-up, real motion function.

Application of convenient common wire/wireless remote controller. (OPTION)

Simultaneously adjustable LCD back light for night navigation.

Latest electronic chart with wide range of updated technology offering a variety of information such as slime, rock, depth, trench, EEZ line, underwater cable line and the like.

Highly efficient for fishing work by marking fishing zones.

Combination with SAMYUNG autopilot system offers perfect autopiloting.

Straight pursuit and ZOOM IN/OUT enabling users to make exact calculation of fish group at the sea bottom (NAVIS 800F)

Use of 2(two) frequencies in common offering better judgment on minute fish groups. (NAVIS 800F)


GPS Receiver

Receiving frequency : L1 1575.42 MHz(C/A CODE)

Receiving channel & tracking satellite : 18 channel & 18 satellite

Receiving type : Digital 18 channel multi tracking type

Receiving sensitivity : -130dBm



Receiving frequency : 283.5~325.0KHz

Modulation : MSK(minimum shift keying)

Bitrate : 50,100,200 bps



Display : color VGA TFT LCD (8”)

Resolution : 640×480 pixels 256 color

Projection : Mercator drawing

Effective range : below 85。of latitude

Scale 0.2 mile ~ 5,000 mile(1/2000~1/37,500,000)

Tracking memory interval : 1sec~60minute(0.01~9,99NM) set-up

Tracking capacity : 20,000 points , work log book (99 pages)

Event mark : 21 kinds
- Mark capacity : 10,000 points
- capacity for user’s drawing of shoreline : 8,000points 16 land coloring
- capacity for user’s marking of shoreline : 1,000points
- capacity for user’s character of shoreline : 1,000points
- capacity for tracking marking : 1,000points
- capacity for memory of destination : 1,000points
- capacity for memory of route : 20 routes (20 points/1 route)

Display mode : normal, true-motion, course-up, north-up, head-up function

Alarm : 1)arriving alarm 2)off-course alarm 3)anchor alarm 4)boundary alarm



Operating frequency : 50/200KHz dual requenciec, 600W

Display color : 16colors

Range of depth : 5~1,500M(depth of water,automatic output power control)

Range of bottom
- enlargement of tracing : 10, 20, 40, 80M
- enlargement of flatterned bottom : 2.5, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80M
- partial enlargement : 5, 10, 20, 40, 80M

Screen shift speed: Stop, low speed, medium speed, fast speed, super fast speed.

Information : depth ,schools of fish, water temperature

Display of function : Sensitivity, attenuation, transmitting output, time marking, depth, variable scales, color patterns




Power supply : DC 12V~36V, Power Consumption : 40W



(D)GPS LCD plotter 1SET

GPS antenna 1SET

Transducer for (NAVIS 800F) 1SET

Installation materials, spare parts, manual 1LOT




Weather FAX

User’s Memory Card


DGPS antenna

Water Temperature Indicator

Wire/Wireless Remote controller


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