Samyung GNB-400

Electronic Fishing Net Buoy

Wanting for an accurate location of your fishing net?
Wanting to save your fuel and time?

Self developed Electronic Fishing Net Buoy, Allows you to get an accurate location at night, in rain, and fog. Don’t worry about losing your fishing net anymore!! Save time/fuel!!

More details

GPS Smart antenna module allows an excellent GPS signal receiving

Auto or manual operation

Equipped with self-diagnosis and test

Long hours of use with high capacity battery (14 or 28Ah)

Automatic message gets sent when battery needs to be replaced after checking the remaining of battery

Perfectly waterproofed up to 10m underwater


Housing material : PC/ABS Alloy, ASA

Operating Temperature : -20℃~+50℃,Storing Temperature : -30℃~+70℃

Battery : Li-SOCL2

Antenna : Nondirectional whip antenna

Operating time : 14 or 2

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